Episode 46…A Haunted Day in Sarasota with the Kids

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Episode 46…A Haunted Day in Sarasota with the Kids

Can there be a place in Florida where legendary cryptids and legendary ghosts come out together to play?  If so, it seems like a great place to bring Tripping on Legends with Kids to get the full picture of what might be inspiring the haunted folklore in Sarasota.

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Natalie Crist, Christopher Balzano, and Chris’ kids travel to Myakka River State Park to hunt down three legends which have given the woods and the swamp an eerie reputation.  After checking in on the Headless Camper again, the Trippers spend their time looking for the notorious Skunk Ape and the ghosts of suicide victims at the Canopy Walkway and Tower.  Not all that that is spoken of there is true, but not all of what they experienced is spoken about in the legends.

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We’re still knee deep in the #hauntedlove project, so we’re especially looking for ghost stories with a love twist.

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Name That Symbol

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Here are some of the grave symbols we discovered while looking over the Manasota Memorial Gardens with the kids during our Tripping with Kids Episode.

We have searched for some, but still can’t figure out the meaning of some.  We’ve tried to focus on the ones that we are still in need of, especially the wax-like substance and its meaning and the three Freemason Chair set up.

Please keep in mind; we’re not only looking for who the symbol belongs to but what the markings actually mean.

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Story of the Singing River

The Singing the River Sings Back

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