Episode 22…Meeting the Pukwudgies in Indiana

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Episode 22…Meeting the Pukwudgies in Indiana

After conducting pukwudgie research for almost 15 years, Christopher Balzano finally makes it to Mounds State Park in Indiana.

He and Natalie Crist make their way to the Crossroads of America to trip one of the more infamous locations of the mythical creature and again find more than just an old story. The have their own experience involving fireflies, wild deer, and a mysterious figure darting around the woods.

They also are able to record one of the first genuine sightings of the creature from Jim Campbell, a park ranger and security officer at the state park.

You can contact us with questions, comments, and your favorite legend or tidbit of folklore at spookytripping@gmail.com.

We’re still knee deep in the #hauntedlove project, so we’re especially looking for ghost stories with a love twist.

Feel free to call our new phone number during our lives shows to get involved or whenever just to share a legend you’ve heard to ask a question at ((813) 418-6822. 

Keep visiting the site for the trip log of our travels and other urban legends at: www.trippingonlegends.wordpress.com

Follow us at: www.facebook.com/trippingonlegend

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