Episode 49…Cry Baby Lane is Banned

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Episode 49…Cry Baby Lane is Banned

There’s a movie that’s based on an urban legend that then became an urban legend which has since inspired other legends.

Confused yet? So were the Trippers when a little movie called Cry Baby Lane came across their radar. Rumor was so many parents complained upon seeing it, Nickelodeon was forced to pull it and vow never to air it again. So, of course, Christopher Balzano and Natalie Crist needed to watch it.

Watch the actual movie…

Listen in as they explore the folklore that helped developed the plot of the story and the rumors that have swirled around it for almost two decades. They also use this chance to discuss the ideas behind Cry Baby legends across the country and introduce a new Legend Trip they’ll be looking to get to; the infamous Cry Baby Ghost of Bellamy Bridge.

You can contact us with questions, comments, and your favorite legend or tidbit of folklore at spookytripping@gmail.com.

We’re still knee deep in the #hauntedlove project, so we’re especially looking for ghost stories with a love twist.

Keep visiting the site for the trip log of our travels and other urban legends at: www.trippingonlegends.wordpress.com

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