Episode 48…There’s More Than a Swamp Witch on Hog Island


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Episode 48…There’s More Than a Swamp Witch on Hog Island


It started out as a playful legend trip looking into the Swamp Witch of Hog Island. When the Legend Trippers hit Brooksville, Florida, however, they found there may be more in the forest and more about the town than they first thought.

Natalie Crist and Christopher Balzano break down the legend Withlacoochee State Forest and look into how the dark history of the town might have contributed to the stories local tell about the shadows that stalk several haunted locations throughout the area, including the infamous Spring Hill Cemetery.

Listen to the original episode where we discuss the backstory:

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Episode 47…The Three Ghostly Witches of Florida

or watch the episode on YouTube

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We’re still knee deep in the #hauntedlove project, so we’re especially looking for ghost stories with a love twist.

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