Tripping on Legends Live…Graveyard Etiquette



This week’s live show looks forward to Natalie Crist hooking up with a ghost and debates what is right and wrong in a cemetery.

First Tripping on Legends recaps their upcoming legend trip to Fort Desoto near St. Petes. While there, Natalie will look to see if she can catch the eye of a flirtatious ghost known to hit on the ladies.

radio player

Listen to Episode 39…Dating the Ghosts at Fort Desoto


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Listen to Episode 40…Fort DeSoto is Haunted, But Not Like You Think

Then her and Christopher Balzano debate what is proper and not proper when in a cemetery.

Follow their scale and post in the comments specfic things you’ve done and how you would rank it on our offensive scale:

Red…clearly inappropriate

Orange…Kind of sketchy and borderline inappropriate

Yellow…you’re safe, but approaching the line

Green…all good

Blue…You’ve gone out of your way to go above and beyond

You can follow the actual trip this weekend by following the hashtag #haunteddesoto on Twitter and Instagram.

You can reach us at or post something to us at

We’ll be keeping track of them on our site at:

Twitter @naynaymyfriend @SpookyBalzano

Instagram @SpookyTripping


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